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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Really? I swore I wouldn’t make THIS mistake twice!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010, 8:45 PM

I just made the mistake of putting on IcyHot much too soon after a hot shower – not for the first, but the second time in my life. It is not an experience I’d recommend. One would think that experiencing the unpleasant BURNING sensation that results on one occasion would be enough and that I’d remember and avoid said self-inflicted discomfort in the future. However, I was kind of lost in my thoughts, got to thinking about how much my neck was aching and well…that was the result!

I had a good run this evening – just a quick three miler, but went along the Trezona Trail for a bit and then just kind of started running on the not quite trails through the woods alongside the paved trail and end up coming right up to the lake at several different points. I wanted the labradog with me more than ever – he would have been in heaven and runs are so much more enjoyable with a companion, particularly one who never complains about the pace (or lack thereof, as the case may be).

I also had my first run in with the wadudu wa Minnesota (that would be the insects/bugs/pesky little biting things of Minnesota). Not as bad as the East African variety (at least not yet) – but annoying enough – especially the little swarms of tiny ones that crowd around your eyes.

Work at the Wolf Center was much the same. I watched another wolf documentary – this time one called “Rainwolves” about the wolves of The Great Bear Rainforest – a temperate rainforest/National Park in British Columbia. I want to visit so badly – anyone up for an adventure? It looks so incredible and like such an untouched and pristine wilderness – and compared to all of the other wild places I’d like to travel to, it is practically in my backyard (well, at least in the PNW).

I also had to watch a painfully boring video about van/bus driving safety and take an online quiz in order to get my driver’s certification. I was pretty much asleep during the video – but the quiz was common sense. I scored 100% without looking at any question for longer than about two seconds. The only question I have is about red lights, turns and MN driving laws – does anyone know if you can turn right on a red in Minnesota? I”ll certainly ask at work tomorrow before my boss takes me out in the bus and tries to teach me how to drive it!

I also got talking to one of my other bosses about trail running – he’s really into it and gave me some great suggestions about places close into town and an invite to go on a longer run or two farther away from town if we have days off that coincide, so that would be fun if it worked out – I just better get myself in shape before then so I won’t be too embarrassed!

I also had to take the Meyers-Brigg personality test at work today, which I found amusing. I think pretty much all of those things are total bullshit, but its results were frighteningly accurate – saying that people of my personality type: aren’t the first to volunteer for a leadership position but when they get sick of others’ incompetence step up and lead in a very pragmatic fashion; are quick to disregard rules if they are inefficient or nonsensical; often get frustrated in interpersonal relationships because they just can’t understand why people don’t make sense the way other problems/puzzles do and are driven and very adept at breaking things down into the small steps necessary to achieve their goals as well as having contingency plans for various setbacks along the way. I feel like all of this describes me quite well – it also said that such people can often come off as aloof, standoffish or elitist due to being lost in one’s own thoughts and being comfortable in their areas of expertise, but likely less than completely socially adept…I sure hope I don’t even seem that way, despite my admitted lack of social adept-ness.


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