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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ok, so I've found my dream job...can anyone tell me how I actually get there?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010, 5:00 PM

So I did end up running last night after all! Unfortunately, my nike+ shoe chip is not working which is super frustrating, as I’ve just started trying to follow a marathon-conditioning program. I was supposed to do five miles yesterday – so I ran for fifty minutes – hopefully I’m running a good deal faster then 10 minute miles but at least this way I’m pretty sure I did at least five. I don’t think there is anywhere in Ely to buy a new one, but I think I’ll try to order one online.

The run itself was pretty nice. I started off going along the Trezona Trail, but as it started to get a little later and darker I cut back in towards town and ran up and down Ely. I think I covered most of the town in about 35 minutes.

I still haven’t really started doing much work. Today I received lots of information on creating understandable powerpoints and delivering presentations – basically a super dumbed down version of Professor Clifton’s “Tips On Talks” that I’ve seen about half a dozen times now, so I feel pretty confident about that stuff.

I did finally get to start editing my powerpoints (working off of the Center’s general template) for presentations on basic wolf information (“Wolf 101”), wolf communication and wolf subspecies around the world.

I’ve now watched not one, but two documentaries in which wolf researchers use horses as their main form of transportation one in Yellowstone (well, horses in the summer/spring/fall, skies in the winter) and one in India. I’ve also read about a program for rabies vaccinations in Simien Jackals (formerly known as Ethiopian wolves) in which researchers used horses to travel up and down the wilds of Ethiopia in order to track said jackals. How does one go about acquiring a job like any of those? I can’t think of anything that would be more perfect for me!

Including yesterday and today, I work for 9 days straight and than have two days off – I’m not quite sure what one does on days off in Ely. One day will be devoted to a ridiculously long run (and then recovering from it) and I think I’m going to try to get to one of the outfitting stores this week after work and see if I can pick up a good map of the Superior National Forest and hopefully hike all day on my second day off. I really miss having Lance – Ely is ideal Labrador habitat and I would be so appreciative of a hiking and running companion.


PS Meryl and I finally set up our first creative writing word count goal - we are sending 1000 words to each other this upcoming Sunday. I'm so excited to get started but don't have any drop dead fantastic, amazing story ideas yet, so if anyone has any they aren't using...send them way! If any of my writing ends up being decent, it might end up on the blog too!

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