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Monday, May 17, 2010

Nothing much going on here....


I guess its been few days since I last blogged. Life here has been a bit frustrating – I’ve pretty much only been doing office work, I have yet to find anyone else interested in going on any sort of outdoor adventure with me and I’ve discovered that I’m now terrible at sleeping alone (I got used to having a super snuggly, worried I would disappear after going to Africa labradog ready to take a nap anytime I wanted to). I’m also sick right now – thankfully just normal sick and not white person in Africa sick.

That said, hearing about all of that in detail would be pretty boring, so here’s a quick list of more amusing things that have happened or I have learned over the past couple of days:
• One of my bosses thinks that I both look like and have patterns of speech similar to the Bond girl from the Daniel Craig version of “Casino Royale”. I’ve never seen this movie, so I’m a little confused and not really sure if this is a compliment or not.
• Don’t ever take a group of little girl scouts into the woods for a night hike. All they will do is scream and say that bears will eat them even though they will be shrieking and chattering so loudly the whole time despite repeated requests for silence that any poor, shy, self-respecting little black bear will have fled the area long before the girls reach it.
• If the people you are talking to about wolves, etc. appear to be from the northwoods (ie, not a city) make sure to pronounce coyote as “kay-oat” – if I say it the way I normally do (kay-oat-ee) these sorts of folks usually kind of stare at me blankly.
• There is an absolutely amazing park in British Columbia called “The Great Bear Rainforest” that I intend to visit sometime in the hopefully not too far away future. I’m really not sure how accessible it is to tourists/those who are not actively researching there as it looks like going by boat/plane is really the only way to get there, but I’ll make it happen. It looks a lot like the sort of climate and plants around home, but much, much more diverse.
• Little girls from Oregon should not be entrusted with changing oil, checking/refilling all other fluids and other basic maintence on a “short bus”. Perhaps I should let them know its been about three years since I even filled my own gas tank?


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