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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It is close to the end of the school year/finals when...

1. Cookies and chocolate are considered food groups in and of themselves.

2. Sleep is a mere figment of my imagination.

3. My favorite table in the library (which has always been open this semester) is suddenly filled with people.

4. Running away and joining the circus/backpacking around the world while depending on the kindness of strangers/saddling up a horse and simply riding off into the sunset/taking up residence in a hut on the coast of Tanzania all seem like valid and entirely reasonable life choices.

5. The dog doesn't even try to distract me from my laptop and books because he's learned that he will not succeed.

6. When I take breaks I can't watch/read/discuss anything that might be mentally taxing.

7. I've already started to panic a little bit about NEXT year's classes.

8. It have definitely not had the proper amount of barn time.

9. I have study gatherings with friends and we actually study.

10. My to do list of academically related items is getting shorter and shorter!


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  1. My list is's a crazy world, this "college" stuff...