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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So, Rachel, Lydia, there may or may not be a giant scorpion in the bathroom...

November 25, 2009

Feeling quite sick again – and have stayed in from the reefs again. I was up most of last night with a sore throat, head ache and feeling very nauseous. This is going to sound crazy, but the ocean is so very close and loud that when I close my eyes to try and sleep I actually feel as if the entire baanda is rocking in the waves, which only serves to make me more nauseous! Though, how I can really complain about the fact that the Indian Ocean is fifty meters from my front door?

I thought about trying to go out, but ended up deciding that if I was so nauseous just lying in bed and listening to the ocean that I didn’t even want to stand up, that I would be good for nothing by the time I rode in a boat for an hour in the hot sun and made it out to the reef.

I’m still frustrated about not being able to do much of anything and there’s now talk of sending me back to Arusha early to a hospital or hotel, but I’m not going to let that happen! I still have so much to do as far as tests, presentations, data collection and essay writing is concerned. I’m also very much looking forward to the couple of days in the Usumburu Mts. that the bio group will get to experience on our way back to Arusha and I’m determined not to miss them.

I feel really bad because I think people are starting to get worried about me because I’ve been sick for a pretty decent amount of time. Lisa C. has actually asked me to start keeping a list of when I have what symptoms so that I can show them to a doctor if necessary. I wish I could convince people not to worry – both my friends here and my family back at home. I’m a bit miserable at times, but not dying by any means and I’m still happy to be in Tanzania!

Though to be perfectly honest, a small part of me does wish that I had taken my parents up on their offer of an immediate return home. Cuddling with the Labradog in my bed with half a dozen pillows and piles and piles of blankets sounds like just about the most wonderful thing in the world right now. Really I just keep wishing Lance was here. I had a dream last night that he was and we took him out on the boat with us to the reef and he wore a life jacket and was just dog paddling around having a grand old time, though of course he panicked in true overly devoted Labradog fashion every time I had to dive under the surface to look at a sand perch. It seemed like such a real dream that I actually panicked for a minute when I woke up in the middle of the night and looked around and couldn’t find him anywhere!

Life here continues to remain surreal in other ways, though. The other night Lydia stormed out of our baanda, flashlight in hand in order to chase away a particularly chatty bush baby that had decided to take up residence in the tree right in front of our house at about four am. We continue to be at war with the “wadudu” or insects that reside in our baanda with us, though fortunately we have a small “squamate”, a friendly sort of little gecko who hangs about licking his own eyeballs and eating the ants that crawl out of sink. I also may or may not have seen a very large scorpion in our bathroom last night. I’m not sure if I really did or if it was merely one of my frequent, illness inspired wadudu nightmares. Either way, I can’t remember doing anything about it, so all of the residents of my baanda are treading lightly and peering into corners in case it was real, which it very well might be because Heather and Peggy have already killed several in their baanda, which they have nicknamed “The Wadudu Guest House”.

I wish I could explain how beautiful it is here. Right now as I type, sitting in the kitchen/dining area under the baolbub tree, I’m watching the waves roll in off the Indian Ocean and catching a slight breeze. I bet the other wanifunzi are out seeing whales and sea turtles and all other manner of cool creatures.

I'm in the most amazing place on earth!

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