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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mimi ni mgonjwa! (I am sick!)

November 8, 2009

Spent the day mostly just passed out laying across two seats in the back of the truck while listening to songs (angsty tunes sung by nasally voiced boys being my music of choice for the day). I felt so sick!

I did manage to drag myself out of the truck to go walk to Lake Natron to go see the flocks of Lesser and Greater Flamingos. The walk was perhaps 200 meters, and was very straight and flat (though a touch slippery due to mud), so probably the easiest hike/walk we’ve done so far, but I felt like I’d just run another Hood to Coast by the time I made it back to the truck.

We stopped for lunch, but I don’t really remember anything all that specific, except for the trip is terrible. Normally, the trucks remind me of big cats because of the way they seem to rumble and purr, but the roads leading away from Lake Natron were so bad, the truck was creaking, shrieking and yowling with every single bump and pot hole and I could barely manage to stay on the seat.

I was so relieved when we finally reached a paved road again after half a day’s drive and pretty much just passed out and slept like a rock as soon as the ride was smoother. I was feeling much better when we arrived in Arusha and soon after checking into the hotel proceeded to start eating like a horse to make up for several days of a Coke and small pieces of toast diet.

I checked into a room with Meryl and Rachel and proceeded to spend the rest of the day on the internet, which was amazing!


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