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Thursday, October 1, 2009

No internet for me...

No internet for me…

October 1, 2009

Starting tomorrow, I will not have internet access for awhile because I will be living along a remote stretch of the Tanzanian Coast and doing lots of snorkeling and studying of coral reefs and their inhabitants. I am very excited but will of course miss being in touch with all of you!

Please continue to write if you have time (I’ll love catching up on – habari za nyumbani – the news of home, when I next get to a net café) and if anyone has a way of making not too expensive international phone calls and wants to give me a call at:

254 713 839 583

I would love to hear from you!

This is still my Kenyan number, but it does work here (well supposedly, no one from home has yet called me). But everyone else has been getting calls from the ‘States just fine on theirs.

If I’ve given you my number previously, I probably gave you the first set of digits after the country code (254) incorrectly as 0713. This is wrong because apparently the 0 is used only when calling from one Kenyan number to another and I apologize if anyone has tried with the 0 and it hasn’t worked.

I’ll try to get out and buy some more minutes before I leave Zanzibar, but my own ability to make calls will probably be pretty limited as there will be nowhere for me to buy minutes until we travel to the city of Arusha and I want to try and hold at least some in reserve in case of emergency. Calling at night for me (6 am to 2pm for you in Oregon) is probably the best as I’m usually out and about in the morning (or at least aimlessly wandering the hotel) and will be out snorkeling all day!

Love and miss you all!
I’ve been on the other side of the world for a whole month now!

PS Originally I didn’t want to post my number on the internet, but at this point I’ve yet to receive a call, so even if I get a call from some creeper, I’ll at least be excited to verify that my phone does indeed work :P

PPS However, I'll continue blogging even if I can't post so expect a massive update in about two weeks time.

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