The recorded ramblings of an unschooled writer, aspiring biologist, amateur equestrian, ardent bookworm, avid music appreciator, increasingly addicted runner and college student spending the summer in Ely, MN.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Going on Safari!

I leave for safari tomorrow and am not quite sure when I will next have internet access (though I can promise a massive blog update when that time comes). I'll be able to charge my cell the whole time, so I can be contacted that way if anyone really needs to talk to me!

Miss you all!


  1. Missing you and just how long does a safari last! Gave Venture a pat for you. She sure is sweet! Glorious Sun today! Awaing that massive blog!


  2. H. Can't wait for you to get off Safari and update your blog with your many adventures. Especially looking forward to the tale of the giraffe that got away.

    We miss you.