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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Unless the story belongs to you...

...but what interests me is the little stories. Nothing so exciting maybe, about losing a job or looking for one. Falling in or out of love. New baby coming. Old granddad passes away. Unless the story belongs to you. Then it fills your world...
- From "Saxophone Joe and the Woman In Black" by Charles DeLint

Sitting in the London airport now, attempting to entertain myself during a six hour layover. After some confusion as to which line (or rather, “queue”) we needed to be in due to our US/non EU passports, the L+C group figured it out, managed to get our tickets from Virgin Atlantic and are now just waiting for the gate for our next flight to be announced in about two and a half hours.

I slept a lot on the plane and as it turns out did not watch any movies at all. Running the Hood to Coast was a really good thing, I think. I should always travel this exhausted – sleeping on the plane flights makes them go so much fast. And chums, you will be pleased to know that I did indeed eat airline food for dinner (nothing too exciting , just pasta with marina sauce and a few bites of salad), but disappointed to know that I skipped airplane breakfast because I was just so not hungry due to my body having absolutely no idea what time it is!

Read on the plane:
“Contact” by Carl Sagan – totally different from the Jodie Foster film that it was written in conjuction with , but a really excellent read. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes science fiction.

“Ivory and Horn” by Charles DeLint – A collection of “urban fantasy” short stories by one of my favorite authors set in the city of “Newford”, the place where most of his recurring characters live. I love that characters who are the lead characters in some books will be mentioned in others or have minor roles in the others. I’m not all the way through this collection yet, but am really enjoying it. My favorite story in it so far is “Waifs and Strays”.


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