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Saturday, September 19, 2009


Grazing in Ngong.

Rachel eating an apfel strudel cookie so thoughtfully provided by Jesus (Zach)

Masaai ahead of us in Ngong

Cows in Ngong.

The road in Ngong - the trek to begin our trek.


  1. Yes, but where is the picture of your beautiful skirt?

    Regarding fleas--do you have access to dish soap? Dawn is particularly good, but any soap will do. Leave it in your hair for at least five minutes, longer if you can, and ditto your clothes. I've also heard of adding apple cider vinegar to your water, but people seem to use ACV for everything so not sure how well that works. As a side note to that, when I am mixing fly spray I use white vinegar because flies like ACV. Your mileage may vary.

    I think that you need to befriend a Very Large Dog and feed it so it looks Very Much Larger, because sketchy guys looking at you and seeing nothing but a pretty girl and a green card is not exactly charming. It's a shame that Lance couldn't come with you.

    Did you manage to get your ATM situation straightened out? I would have thought that if you called them before you went and said "I am going to be in Kenya, all my withdrawals are coming from Kenya, DO NOT BLOCK ANYTHING FROM KENYA" they might have gotten the clue. Sadly we are all surrounded by stupid people.

    Please tell your mama that she sounds like a most excellent and exemplary lady.

  2. Further regarding fleas: get your hands on a lemon, quarter it, and boil it in water. Let it steep overnight and spray it on yourself. Apparently that will repel the suckers. There is something in orange peels that will kill them, too, but I am not sure what help that knowledge will be to you.

    The logic behind ACV seems to be that it will make the skin more acidic and fleas and ticks don't like the taste as much, which is interesting.

    If you can lay hands on Skin So Soft, or bribe someone into sending it to you, that is also a good repellant.