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Friday, September 11, 2009

Dreams of peanut butter and mosquitoes...

September 11, 2009

I didn’t write my usual blog entry last night because I was feeling really lousy, so I studied, studied, studied for the exam today and then went to sleep. I was feeling kind of flushed and feverish and mama wangu commented that she “didn’t know white people could turn so pink!”, haha. I can’t say that I really slept all that much more than usual because Mungai (the baby) was screaming and crying pretty much all night, but I do feel so much better after at least laying down for all of that extra time.

School was about the same as usual yesterday. Interesting, but very, very long. I feel like I can really manage to concentrate for only about the first 3 hours and after that, I am still physically present, but my mind really begins to wander.

After class, Zach, Lisa and I had intended to go to the Nakumat department store, but we got out of class super late and by the time we found where to catch the bus into town (after walking in circles for a very long time), we realized there would be no way we would be able to make it there and back before it got dark and even if we took a taxi on the way home, none of us was comfortable with that. Zach apparently has already had a less than enjoyable being stuck outside in Riruta after dark experience and I knew that my mama would be very upset and worried if I wasn’t home by 6:30 on the dot!

Instead the three of us went to one of the local supermarkets. I bought a yogurt to help my tummy and Zach and Lisa both got sweets of some sort they have been craving. (I remember that for Zach it was chocolate and I think for Lisa cookies of some kind). I so badly wanted to buy peanut butter too as it would be such a nice break from margarine + bread every morning (and a lot more filling too – its hard not to want to eat half a loaf of bread each day when the only topping is margarine), but since I didn’t make it to the ATM and have to make sure I have enough shillings for the bus fare to get to the Ngong Hills for hiking tomorrow, I held off on purchasing it. I will definitely buy it as soon as I can get to the ATM. I’ve been craving it so badly that I think I need the protein even more than I just miss eating it! My family doesn’t eat as many beans and lentils as many others do, so I think that part of my diet is very much lacking.

I literally dreamed of peanut butter last night in between icky dreams of mosquitos. Its ridiculous – I usually hear one or two buzzing around outside my mosquito net as I’m going to bed and then somehow manage to convince myself there is a whole horde of them and then have awful dreams about large numbers of mosquitoes. I think its pretty funny, because I’ve only had two mosquito bites total since arriving in Kenya so its not like such dreams have any basis in fact.

Zach also showed me his favorite internet café which is way better than my usual one because it A) has a picture of Shakira on it and B) has way faster connections to the internet. It is in the opposite direction of my house from school, but it was fun to see the other part of town I haven’t explored yet.

I should probably go do some last minute studying now, but will write more later and should have some good pictures to post after tomorrow’s hike.


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