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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Billie Jean is not my lover...mia hee, mia ho, mia haha...just dance...para a bailar a la bamba...

September 23, 2009

Update on my evening…I went out for the evening to “Club Rio” with a group from L+C. Club Rio seems very Western tourist oriented and for most of the evening we were the only people in there. Most of the group drank Tuskers, but I was lame and started with ginger ale, though I did redeem myself by at least having a rum shot with everyone (after it took Kai about 15 minutes to order ½ dozen of them, he kept coming back saying well, vodka’s 250 shillings, tequila is 200…and we just told him to order the cheapest thing – rum at 100 shillings and come back).

I really like going out and dancing and having a good time with everyone, but don’t really like drinking that much. I don’t have anything against it, but I just don’t particularly like the way it makes me feel and I have no desire to be stumbling around and shouting in an embarrassing manner from having too much! Also, the alcohol/doxy combination is not seeming to be a good one, but I just hate the fact that I’m so lame. I wish I was better at partying…I would have more friends at college then, I think, but I fail at the whole partying thing pretty awesomely.

My favorite parts of the outing:
1. Kai and Rachel R. swing dancing to “La Bamba”

2. Zach protecting Meryl from the creepy guy wearing the embroidered marijuana button down shirt towards the end of the evening

3. Kim and Rachel Y. convincing the manager to join them on the dance floor.

4. The way Kim’s kanga skirt kept getting progressively shorter throughout the evening.

5. Anton’s dancing – I wish I could describe it, but there are simply not words in the English language (or any other language really, to describe it).

6. Alex leaping on top of Anton at one point expecting to be caught – she was quite disappointed.

7. The musical selection: Numa Numa (the regular and the hip hop version); Billie Jean; Just Dance; La Bamba; Stacey’s Mom and many other fabulously bad dance tunes.

Overall, I had fun and am glad I went even though it is now midnight and I still have to shower, repack for my island home stay and time on Zanzibar and do some paper writing


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